Management by Consciousness  -  A Spiritual -Technical Approach

Management by Consciousness - A Spiritual -Technical Approach

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Author: G P Gupta
Eminent Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): G P Gupta
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Society
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 202
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170600804


Management, as it obtains today, is a discipline borrowed from the West, especially the USA. This has reduced 'man' to a mere worker engaged always in the stream of economic order - he is a cog in the huge machinery of production and distribution. Consequently, the material progress has been the index of growth, development and prosperity.

Whereas the man has received all material considerations, his integrality of character and personality has been set apart from his work and his working condition. The hard fact is that a man is a bundle of so many ingredients - physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual and he responds quickly and readily if these components are touched upon and developed.

With a view to unfolding this aspect of management, this anthology has been prepared by jotting down articles by reputed authors on the subject.


‘Mankind has long been experimenting with various kinds of thought, different principled of ethics, strange dreams of a perfection to be gained by material means, impossible millenniums and humanitarian hopes. No where has it succeeded in realizing the ultimate secret of life. Nowhere has it found satisfaction. No scheme of society or politics has helped it to escape from the necessity of sorrow, poverty, strife, dissatisfaction from which it strives for an outlet; for whoever is trying to find one by material means must inevitably fail….But the grand workshop of spiritual experiment, the laboratory of the soul has been born in every generation who were content to work quietly in their own souls, perfect their knowledge, hand down the results of their experiments to a few disciples and leave the rest to others to complete…the work which we have to do for humanity is a work which no other nation can accomplish – the spiritualization of the race…….’
- Sri Aurobindo


1. Management with a Difference
2. The Yogic Approach to Management
3. Management by Intuition
4. Consciousness Approach to Business Management-1
Men, Material and Methods
5. Consciousness Approach to Business Management-II
Resources, Ideals and Harmony
6.ConsciousnessBusinessManagement- Responsibility, Powers and Harmony
7. Consciousness Approach to Business Management-
Money, Motivation and Progress
8. The Philosophy of Management
The East and The West
9. Human Values in Management
10. The Spirituo - Technical Approach to Management
11.The Mother’s Ministry of Management