The Middle Path of Tai Chi

The Middle Path of Tai Chi

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Author: Peter Newton
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 172
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7822-312-0


Each of us seeks balance in our life, the balance between work and play, joy and sadness, waking and sleeping. This book shows us how we can walk the Middle way, the balanced path between the nin (passive) and the nang (active), flowing with the Tao of life.

By following the advice in this book you will learn how to stay centred on the Middle Path in your daily life; recognising that you are part of the whole. Peter Newton gives a comprehensive history of Tai Chi and its immediate uses in training and coaching today.

This is a book not only for professionals but for those who are consciously working to improve themselves and their lives.


General Introduction
Introduction to Part 1
Truth and Vision

CHAPTER:ONE: The Path and its Origins
Taoism -The Source
Tai Chi - The Hidden Parent
Tai Chi T'u Structure
Tai Chi Chuan
Middle Path/ Way, Source and Meaning

CHAPTER TWO: Maxim for Guidance and Change
Middle Path Maxims
The Five Gates of Development
Middle Path Guidance Checklist

CHAPTER THREE: Yin and Yang Relativity
General Examples of Relativity
Relativity in Martial Health Art

Introduction to Part Two
Through the Eyes of the Tao

CHAPTER FOUR: The Median Line Through Life
Yin and Yang Perception
Yin and Yang Power at Work
Yin and Yang in Personal relations

CHAPTER FIVE: At the Heart of Feng Shui
Feng Shui - Tai Chi Link
Feng Shui of Training
Relative Feng Shui

CHAPTER SIX: A Path to Health and Fitness
The Extremes/Excesses
Health Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan Practice
Breathing Essentials
Stress and Its Dangers
Dietary Factors

Introduction to part Three
Visions of Metaphysical Realms

CHAPTER SEVEN: Physical and Spiritual Centres
The Centres
Meditation Practice: Connecting the Centres
A Centred Lifestyle

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Six Jade Steps of Tai Chi Chuan
Step one - Foundation and Posture
Step Two - Discerning Yin and Yang
Step Three - Yin and Yang Subtlety
Step Four - Silk Reeling Energy
Step Five - Natural and Taoist Breathing
Step Six - Centre Movement

The Six Golden Steps of Tai Chi Chuan
Step one - The Three Treasures
Step Two - Small Heavenly Circle
Step Three - The Sky Eye
Step Four - Heaven's Gate
Step Five - The Four Gates
Step Six - Grand Circulation: Transparency and Light


Notes and Sources
List of Illustrations