Music and Ayurveda  -  An Effective Musical Medicine  (Music CD)

Music and Ayurveda - An Effective Musical Medicine (Music CD)

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Author: Dr. M Harre Harren
Publisher: Vedu Electronics
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): MMD 0173


This Audio CD is an effective musical medicine for Tri Doshas, Kapha, Pittha and Vatha.

The music is composed in slow, medium and fast paced music with rhythmic instruments like the Mridangam and the Tabla. The slow music is meant for Vata or Sir-related ailments i.e. for sinus, gastric and other related problems; the medium paced music is meant for Pitta - digestive and related ailments; and fast paced music is meant for Kapha - cold and water related ailments. The ragas have been played in Indian traditional instruments like Veena, Violin, Flute and Sitar


Listen to the music every day or 20-30 minutes for at least 30 sessions using headphones in a closed or private room exclusively for listening purpose. You can listen while in bed or in seating position. The sessions of listening need not be continuous, but not with large gaps or intervals. Do not listen to music while you are working or driving or engaged in routine or regular working moment.

A concentrated listening is the key to effective cure.

Dr. Harre Harren's wide ranging research, study experiments, experience and expertise show a startling concordance. His effect through regular and sustained enforce of the prescribed matrix and paradigm of music listening reduces the occurrence and presence of Depression, Strain, Mental tension, Sleeplessness and the physical diseases like Blood pressure, Muscle Pain, Migraine, Headache, and act a substitute for pain killer drugs.

Dr. Harren's effect is a unique system of musical healing. It explores new patterns of movement and generates increased ease and pleasure of movement by expanding self awareness. This concentrated self awareness breaks into the nervous system and mental status and brings in a totally new and reverberating vibrations of one's body system. The process stimulates development and encourages p3ople of all ages and groups and abilities to continue to therapeutic cure healing.

Dr. Harren's effect is done through awareness through listening and by functional integration. This is usually done as one=on=one and custom made manner depending upon the level of requirement and access. It verbally guides through a series of listening and orientation in private clinical session. Attention is drawn to process of each listening session, and quality of change in the behavioral pattern can be observed. The listening is effected through closed listening sessions with suitable and select musical sessions which leads to healing. True healing can take place at all levels of experience irrespective of religion, gender, age and cross-culture affinity and ethnicity importantly patients feel secure and feel the non-susceptibility to every common ailments and diseases.