Mother's Chronicles  -  Book Three:  Meera the Occultist

Mother's Chronicles - Book Three: Meera the Occultist

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Author: A Collection
Translator(s)/ Edito: Sujata Nahar
Publisher: Mira Aditi
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 214
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-88893-18-8


This volume is book three in Mother's Chronicles. In the first decade of the century, with the help of Max Theon, a mysterious character steeped in ancient traditions, and his remarkably clairvoyant wife. Mirra plunges deep into occultism - an exploration which leads her through many worlds, through the earth's past and future, meeting with breathtaking adventures and strange powers on her way….till Mirra breaks through the limits of that dangerously deceptive world of Occult knowledge. The first foundation of her life's mission on earth is laid.


A Word with you Please !

A downright Atheist
The Cosmic tradition
The Human fathers
The earthly Paradise
The First Visit
Madame Theon
What Happened at Tlemeen
The hidden Meaning
The Valley of the false Glimmer
Two Angry Cocks
At the Threshold of the Formless
The Mantra of Life
The Being of Irised Light
A skilled Occulist
Mirra Learns to Discourse
The Gambler and the Spirit
The Lord as the Electrical Vibration !
They Came as Forerunners
Mister Mind !
Peril Stalks
Val de Grace
Alexandra David-Neel
The Shooting Star
The Inner Divine

Table of Illustrations