Shanku Samagra    (BENGALI)

Shanku Samagra (BENGALI)

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Author: Satyajit Ray
Publisher: Ananda Publishers
Year: 2005
Language: Bengali
Pages: 645
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8177562320


Satyajit Ray's children fiction has withstood the test of time. Professor Shanku. The Bengali scientist who is the hero of his sci-fi stories, is one of his most amazing creations. Adventure and travel, science and mystery - these extraordinary tales have it all. This volume beings together all the stories of Professor Shanku.

The astonishing exploits of the absent-minded, eccentric genius, Professor Shanku.

Armed with Miracure-All, a wonder drug that is a sure cure for any ailment, Remembrance that helps revive a failing memory, and the powerful Annihilin that can annihilate anything without a trace, Prof. Shanku is ready to venture forth into strange new worlds and time zones.

Wherever he is, and whatever he is doing, the scientist usually finds himself caught up in the most extraordinary adventures - - facing down a vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex, encountering a distant ancestor of man, battling his way through the jungles of the Amazon . . .

When he is not engaged in these amazing excursions into the past and the future, the Professor explores the world of magic and more obscure areas of futuristic science - - usually with volatile results.

Several stories of Professor Shanku have been translated into English by Surabhi Banerjee, and is available with India Club. .