Lest We the Sikhs Go Astray

Lest We the Sikhs Go Astray

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Author: Gajindar Singh
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172053975


One of the most misunderstood belief systems, Sikhism, has been claimed by both the mainstream religions, Hinduism and Islam, as their off-shoot. It has been interpreted by Hindu scholars as nothing new, or, which has not been said in their ancient scriptures. On the other hand, Muslims, in spite of the fierce political rivalry with the Sikhs, have stressed that the concept of the Sikh God is the very imitation of Allah, and their devotion is in the mode of Sufis. There are many points of similarity which Islam and Sufism can point out in the Sikh dogma.

Of the trilogy authored by Gainsay Singh, Lest We the Sikhs Go Astray is the first volume on What Sikhism stands for and What it does not. The other two books comprising of the trilogy of the spiritual quest are in the Witches Cauldron and The Armchair Sikh. The fourth book, A God Made to Order deals with the identity, scope and reasoning concerning God, the Creator of all life, who controls and regulates our universe.


Preface to the Second edition

Knowledge and Belief
Guru Nanak's Pant
Gad Rah - The Straight Path
Sikh Brand of Karaka
Miracles and Miracle-men
Percept and Practice
Velour in Sikhism
The Doctrine of Grace
Lord sees All
Lest We Go Astray
Modernity and Sikhism
Telling Lies
Sikhism - The School of Personality Development
Mystique of Transmigration
Diagnosis Par Excellence
God and Karma
The Ever-Ready Khalsa