Nandalal Bose  -  The Doyen of Indian Art

Nandalal Bose - The Doyen of Indian Art

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Author: Dinkar Kowshik
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 130
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123727909


Written in lucid and simple style, this biography of Nandalal Bose is a vivid insight into the personality of one of the intensely creative masters of our times. It brings together, perhaps for the first time, many facets of Nandalal Bose - the great artist between two covers. To the lay man and the artist the book is sure to serve as an introduction to the art heritage of the early pat of our twentieth century in which Nandalal holds an important place.


Forebears and Parents
School and College Education
Nandalal Enters the Magic Circle
Early Laurels
Discovery of Indian Art
At Ajanta
The Poet and the Painter
Nandalal and Coomaraswamy
Ethical Moorings
Far Eastern Voyage
Wall Paintings
Architecture and Museums
Notes on His Paintings
Art for the Community
Artists of the Indian National Congress
A Humane and Kindly Being
Nandalal and His Students
Nandalal's Views on Art
Gandhiji's Visit - 1945
Admirers and Critics
Evening Years

Persons Referred to in the Book