Hum Tum   (Hindi DVD with English subtitles)

Hum Tum (Hindi DVD with English subtitles)

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Author: Rani Mukherjee
Saif Ali Khan/Kiran Kher
Contributor(s)/Artis: Rati Agnihotri/Rishi Kapoor/Kunal Kohli et al
Publisher: Yash Raj Films
Year: 2007
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): YRD 60158


Life is not always like the movies. Love is not always at first sight. Very often, a relationship develops slowly and it takes many years between boy meets girl and boy gets girl.

Hum Tum is a refreshing look at the eternal battle of the sexes, as it follows the lives of Karan and Rhea. Karan is a cartoonist and his characters "Hum" and "Tum" reflect his perspective on the strange love-hate relationship between men and women. Rhea is a sensitive, well bred and self-confident. She can give as good as she gets and is not afraid of standing up to men.

Initially, the two have very little in common. But, as life would have it, their paths keep crossing and, over the course of a decade, their relationship evolves, from hate to mutual respect, friendship and finally..

In a cinematic universe that offers simplistic scenarios to the complex relationship between men and women, Hum Tum is novel look at the trials and tribulations of 'every man' and 'every woman' and their attempts to understand one another.