Learn Arabic in 30 Days

Learn Arabic in 30 Days

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Author: N S R Ganathe
Publisher: Balaji Publications
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 168
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This book is written for those who want to learn Arabic in their leisure time without any teacher. It will guide them to read, write, understand and speak few simple sentences of their own.

Arabic, the language of Islam, is spoken today by some 50 million of people and beyond this, has served for centuries as the sacred, literary and official language of Middle East countries. It is one of the international languages.

Arabic is a semitic language and so different from those usually studied in India and Europe. In this language the roots consist of unpronounceable skeleton of three consonants, called radicals, and these roots are not words. The addition of vowels, prefixes, suffixes to the root makes swords. Thus in Arabic, a root like 'k-t-b' 'write appears in words like katab - he wrote, 'kaatib- writer, 'kitaab - book; and with prefixes 'ma-kaatib' - place for writing; 'ma-ktab' - school, 'ye-ktub' - he is writing.