The Puffin book of Magical Indian Myths

The Puffin book of Magical Indian Myths

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Author: Anita Nair
Painter/Illustrator/: Atanu Roy
Publisher: Penguin/Puffin
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143330047


When Surya the sun god got married, his wife could not bear the heat of his rays and ran away. Surya was heartbroken and the world plunged into darkness. A dwarf asked a king for some land, which he measured with three footsteps, and ended up claiming the earth and the sky. Sage Daksha got his daughters married to the moon, but later, in a fit of rage, cursed the moon with consumption, making it wax and wane.

These are some of the fifty myths from India recounted in this fabulously produced book. From wise sages to demonic asuras, beautiful river deities to arrogant kings, wayward gods to brave princes, this collection of myths showcases the most enchanting and magical stories from Indian mythology. With over 100 stunning full-colour illustrations, this book will not only bring alive a fantastic world of gods and demons, it will also be a loved and treasured possession to be enjoyed for many years.



How the Sun Became Less Fierce
How the Lingam was Born
How Mankind Was Saved from Extinction- Vishnu's First Avtar The Matsya
The Churning of the Cosmic Ocean - Vishnu's Second Avatar The Kurma
How the Earth was Dredged Back - Vishnu's Third Avtar - The Varaha
The Killing of Hirtanyakashipu -Vishnu's Fourth Avtar Narasimha
How King Bali Lost His Kingdom - Vishnu's Fifth Avatar Vamana
Why Sukanya Thwarted the Ashwin Twins
How Dadyanch Saved the Earth

They Gadhinandana Became a Sage
How the Kind Became Vishwamitra
Whey the River Sarawati Disaapeared
Why a New Heaven was Created for Trishankhu
How Vishwamitra Rescued Sunashepas
How Vishwamitra Became a Brahim Rishi
How All Living Creatures Began to Blink
How the Island of Srilanka Came to be
How Pushan Became Toothless
How Taraka Became Indestructible
How Ganesha Got His Elephant Head
How Taraka Was Destroyed
What Aurva Did with his Rage
How the Sons of Sagara Were Born
Why the Ocean Came to Be Called Sagara
Whey Ganga Came to the Earth
He Who strikes with the Axe - Vishnu's Sixth Avatar - Parasurama
How Indra is Alo Known as Saharaksha
How the Kingdfom of Anga Was Saved
Why Kala-Nemi Failed to Outwit Hanuman
How Bali Was Defeated
How Balarama Destroyed Two Mighty Asuras
What Happened When Aalarama Weilded the Plough
How Krishna Taught Indra a Lesson

Why the Parijata Tree Came Down to Earth
How the Kauravas Were Born
How Agni Got His Strength Back
Draupadti Did to Feed Ten Thousand Sages
The Killing of Kichaka
How the Vindhya Mountain Became a Range
How Agastya Killed the Rakshasas
How Sivi's Generosity Was Tested
How the World Was Drained of Water
Why the Cock Crows in the Morning
Whey the Moon Waxes and Wanes
Damayanti's Sw3ayamvara
How Destiny Overtook Parikshit
How Narmada Came Down to Earth
Why Yama Couldn't Ignore Nachiketa.