Joker in the Pack  - An Irreverent View of Life at IIMS

Joker in the Pack - An Irreverent View of Life at IIMS

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Author: Ritesh Sharma
Neeraj Pahaljani/
Publisher: Vision/Orient paperbacks
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 195
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788122204575


This is a story of dreaming the great Indian middle class dream, and of a life shaped - accidentally or by design, only God knows - by the great Indian middle class values.

The joyride begins in the lap of two favourite pastimes of the nation - cricket and television - and after some shattered dreams, leads to the hallowed precincts of the venerated IIMs. It is a story of the life at the IIMs, and of life beyond. It is a story of how to play the IIM game successfully and beat the super distillation system refined by the IIMs to separate the chaff from the grain, the also-rans from the super achievers.

The story has bit of raw truth. It is also tongue-in-cheek. It is designed to wet the appetite of those aspiring. It will evoke nostalgia amongst the alumni; it will also anger a few.

Read on... you will either love it, or hate it, but will find it difficult to put down.


An addictive, attention-grabbing account of life at IIMs. I could see half of my batchmates fit into the shoes of 'Shekhar Verma'. The key features of this book are its realism, lack of political correctness, and the human element to Shekhar's love life...The authors have done an excellent job of capturing the range of emotions - excitement, disappointment, turmoil, joy - that is a part and parcel of MBA life."
— By S. Ramakrishnan, Exec VP, North India, HDFC Bank

A very entertaining read ... one person's 'insider' perspective of the MBA system. Although Fictional, it remains grounded just enough in reality to evoke nostalgia in most MBA graduates and perhaps anger in a few!
By Vinit S Chauhan, President IIML Alumni Association

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book... The authors have woven a racy story that’s very readable - I finished the book in quick time and enjoyed every minute of it!"
— By Jnaneswar Sen, Sr GM Mktg., Honda Siel Cars India

"A fast-paced narrative. The dash of humour and use of vernacular phrases makes an interesting read.
-By Akshay Hiremath, Product Mktg Mgr, Nokia India

‘I completed reading the book yesterday. It is really unputdownable’.
-By DipJyoti Malakar