Meditations on the Occult Life

Meditations on the Occult Life

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Author: Geoffrey Hodson
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 116
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170590035


In this small work the author, ‘makes clear to us that we can begin to be occultists wherever we are, whatever we are doing, however much we may seem immersed in the trivialities, even in the sordidness of material living.

He tells us that the business man is just as well able to tread the way of occultism as the recluse and that we must fulfill the world if we world conquer the world – the conquest of which is the triumph of the Yogi’.



Author’s Preface

1. The path of hastened Victory
2. Brain and Body
3. The Temple of nature
4. Life and form
5. The Way of Freedom
6. The Master’s Work
7. The nature of Adeptship
8. The great White Brotherhood
9. The Life of the Pupil
10. Discipleship
11. Imperfect Perfection
12. The Value of Meditation
13. The Accepted Pupil
14. The Consecrated Life
15. Macrocosm in Microcosm
16. The Fragment and the Whole
17. The Victory
18. God Geometrizes
19. From Man to Superman
20. Angels and Adepts

L’Envoi - Peace and Beauty