Dosa Dhamaka

Dosa Dhamaka

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Author: Sudha Chandrakant
Publisher: Sura Books
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 60
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174780238


The dosa is a savoury South Indian crepe. This food is high in carbohydrates and proteins. It is a typical south Indian breakfast item. It has had a 2000-year history in Tamil Nadu. The dish is also quite popular in many countries outside India.

How many varieties do you know to prepare this dish and make your family enjoy it? If you have, limited idea about preparing this dish this book is especially for you. It gives many varieties of dosa and you can try as many as you can. It is explained in simple English.


Potato dosa
Methi dosa
Gangi dosa
Coconut dosa
Wheat dosa
Methi leaves dosa
Rava dosa
Soft dosa
Carrot dosa
Set dosa
Sponge dosa
Vegetable omelette
Instant dosa
Tamarind dosa-I
Tamarind dosa-II
Mysore masala dosa
Sweet dosa-I
Sweet dosa-II
Rice flakes dosa
Crisp dosa
Tomato dosa
Kadipatta dosa
Tapioca dosa
Hot dosa
Rice and coconut adai
Hot adai
Drumstick leaves adai
Methi adai
Rice adai
Mixed dhal adai
Besan - Rice dosa
Cucumber dosa
Masala dosa
Paper dosa-I
Paper dosa-II
Ragi-Urad dosa
Herbs dosa
Ginger dosa
Mixed dosa
Sago dosa
Bottlegouds dosa
Pancharatna dosa
Til dosa
Green gram dhal dosa
Moong dhal dosa
Curd appam
Coconut-cram chutney
Dhania chutney
Mixed gram dhals
Molha pudi
Chutney pudi
Garlic chili powder
Onion sambar
Tomato sambar