Learn Yourself Vedic Astrology In 15 Days

Learn Yourself Vedic Astrology In 15 Days

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Author: B Suryanarain Rao
Publisher: Sura Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 178
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174788301


Astrology is a science, which helps us to know the principal events of our lives This book shows how in just 15, days one can understand the different aspects of Astrology


Scientific Introduction

1. Years, Ayanas, Ruthus and Months
2. Planetary Natures, Strengths, etc.
3. Casting the Horoscope
4. Planetary Periods and Sub-periods or
Dashas and Bhukthies
5. Zodiacal divisions
6. Peculiarities of Signs, Zodiacal Divisions etc.
7. Early Death or Balarishta
8. Misfortunes
9. Planets in the Houses
10. Rajayoga or Combination for Sovereignty
11. Judgement of the Bhavas
12. Miscellaneous Combinations
13. Stellar effects or influences of Nakshatras
14. Lunar Influences
15. Influences of the other Planets in the signs
16. Results of Planetary aspects
17. Effects of Exaltation
18. Female Horoscopes
19. Death
20. Nashta Jatakas or Lost Horoscopes
21. Planetary Periods or Dashas

Valuable Instructions to the students of

Critical Periods and Shanthis or Preventive

Nakshatra Shanthis

Phaladesha Kalpatharu

Illustrative Horoscopes