Letters from Sri Ramanasramam

Letters from Sri Ramanasramam

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Author: Suri Nagamma
Translator(s)/ Edito: D S Sastri
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 744
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188018104


Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi preached silence by observing it Himself and Asramites aspiring for spiritual advancement sat at the holy feet of Bhagavan, imbibing the lessons of that silence.

Occasionally Bhagavan spoke on spiritual matters. On such occasions, a few devotees recorded whatever He sad; and amongst them, Nagamma was one.

When Nagamma became an Asramite, she renounced everything and whilst sitting at the feet of the Master she felt an irresistible urge to record the discussions devotees were having with Him and, as she began recording them, found that that work was a sort of sadhana for herself and so began writing them in the shape of letters in Telugu to her brother in Madras. 273 letters were thus written


Publisher’s Note

Introduction to Letters from Sri Ramanasramam
-Volume I

The Son is Beholden to the Father
Aham Sphurana
Quarrel Between Uma and Maheswara
On to Skandasramam
In Service of the Sage
The Nikshepam (Treasure)
Service of Atma Swarupa is Atma Seva
Samatvam (Equality with All)
Worldly Troubles
What is Meant by Samsara?
“Go the Way You Came”
Ahetuka Bhakti (Motiveless Devotion)
Conventional Respect
Echamma’s Demise
The First Bhiksha
How Do You Know That You Do Not Know Anything?
Leopards and snakes
Won’t You Please Hear My Speechless Appeal?
A Squirrel
Dharma is different From Dharma-Sukshma
Worship of the cow
A pair of Pigeons
Baby Cheetahs
Medication without Treatment
Bhakti’s Taste
Brahmasthram (Divine Weapon)
That is Play, This is Verse
Decorations to Amba (Goddess)
Avvaiyar’s Song
Astral Paths – Higher Worlds
Kowpinavantah Khalu Bhagyavantah
(Fortunate are Those with a Mere Loincloth)
Moksha with the Body
Chiranjeevis (Immortal Beings)
Asthi, Bhathi and Priyam (Existence, Consciousness
And Bliss)
The True Nature of Pradakshina
Abhayam Sarva Bhuthebhyaha
(Compassion Towards All)
That which Is, is only One
The Black Cow
Paratpara Rupam (Form of the Supreme Being)
The Ethics of social Existence
Which is the Vehicle?
Japa, Tapa and the Like
What is Samadhi
What is Sarvam (Everything)?
(How to See Everything as One’s Self)
Death of Madhavawami
“Anoraneeyam Mahatomaheeyam”
(An Atom Among Atoms and a giant Among Giants)
Dreams – Delusions
Pure Bhakti (Devotion) is Real Service
Gurie (Concentration) Alone is the Guru
(The Preceptor)
Karthuragnaya Prapyathe Phalam
(Fruits of Actions are Ordained by the Creator)
Sarva Samatvam (Universal Equality)
Yathehha (As One Desires)
An Unknown Devotee
Ekam Aksharam
(The One Letter and the One Imperishable)
Atma Pradakshina (Going round the Self)
Narakasura – Dipavali
Life on the Hill – Some Incidents
Arpana (Offering)
Sadhana-Sakshatkaram (Practice-Manifestation)
Brahaman is Real – The World is an Illusion
Swami is Everywhere
Akshara Swarupam (The Imperishable Image)
Upadesa Saram – Unnadhi Nalupadhi
The ‘I’ is the Mind Itself
The Golden Jubilee Festivities
The golden Jubilee Celebrations
Atmakaravritti (The Soul, its Form and Action)
Anecdotes Regarding Life at Virupaksha Cave
Siva bhakta Sundaramurti
Sundaramurti’s Bond of Servitude
Who is Ramana?
Dravida Sisuhu
Jnana Sambandhamurthy
Divine Force
Sleep and the real State
The Incarnation of Sri Dakshinamurthy
The Janani’s Mind is Brahman Itself
Maya (Illusion)
Aadarana (Regard)
Sadhana in the Presence of the Guru
Hridayam – Sahasraram
Telugu Venba
Ekatma Panchakam
Self (Atman)
Guru Swarupam (The Guru’s Form)
No Waste
Delusion and Peace of Mind
Mother Alagamma
Human Effort
Headship of a Mutt
Regulating Sleep, Diet and Movements
Devotion without Irregularity
A Bouquet of Precepts
Absolute Surrender
Visions in Dream
Divine Visions
The White Peacock
Which is the Foot and Which is the Head?
The Shakti That is, is One
Prarabdha (Fate)
Seeing a Lion in a Dream
Where is the King and where is the Kingdom?
Nididhyasana (Intense Concentration
Ajapa Tatvam (The Meaning of Involuntary Japam)
Why any Secrecy?
Kriti Samarpana – Dedication of a Book
Karathala Bhiksha (Alms in the Palms)
(Ceremony of the Sacred Thread)
Forced dinners
Questions with Half Knowledge
Puja with Flowers
Abhishekam (Worship with Water)
Tirthas and Prasadas (Holy Water and Food)
Hastha Masthaka Samyogam (Touching of the Head
With the Hand by Way of Blessing)
Residents in foreign countries
Akshayalokam (The Eternal World)
Jnanadrishti (Supernatural Vision)
Hearing, Meditation and the Like
The attitude of Silence
Beyond the Three States
Remain where You Are
Only One and all-Pervading Self
Manifestation of the Self
Mother’s Gift
Peace of Mind Itself is Liberation
The Omnipresent
Simple Living
On Being the Master
Existence after Realization
Vairagya, Bodha Uparati
(Non-Attachment, Illumination, Desirelessness)
Knowledge of other Languages
Turiyavastha (The Fourth State)
Universal Brotherhood
Rememberance – Forgetfulness
The Path of Self-Enquiry
The Holy Beacon
Poor Man’s Mite
The Sleeper in the cart
Six Kinds of Samadhis
Greatness of Non-Attachment
Self-Enquiry: Essential in all Walks of Life
Vritti Janya Jnanam (Awareness of the Self
Generated by action)
The Passing Away of Mahatma Gandhi
Nihilists and Advaitins
Bhagavan’s First Manuscript
Educated People
The Sacredness of the Feet of the guru
What is Deliverance (Mukti)?
Nature’s Splendour
The First Bath and the First Shave
Undivided Attention
The Path of Love
Grace of the Guru
Discussion Between Asktavakra and Janaka
Ribhu and Nidagha
The Screen
The Doer and the doing Nayana and the Ramana Gita
Concentration and Desirelessness
The Greatness of man
Appar (A Saint)
The Meaning of Dakshinamurthy
Embodiment of Compassion
The Deliverance of Lakshmi the Cow
Burial of Lakshmi the cow
The History of Lakshmi the Cow
Deliverance to a Thorn Bush
A Poor Old woman
Commentary on Sankara’s Atmabodha
Appropriate Teaching
(A form of Siva – Half Man and Half woman)
Love of animals
What is Happiness?
Where is the Swami?
Life on the Hill
Playing with children
Sadhu Sangam
Bhiksha in Agraharam
The Lotus Feet of the Master
Visit of the Head of Puri Mutt
The Arrival of the Head of Sivaganga Mutt
Acceptance of Diksha
Nava Mani Mala
Supernatural Sights on Arunachala
The Big Self
Kundalini Sakti – Chinmaya Deha
The Self
Mutual Cursing
Bliss of the Self
Yatana Sariram
In the Service of the Mother
Tiger’s Skin
What Does Bhagavan Like Most?
Rented House
All Tamasic Articles are Forbidden
Avatar (Incarnation)
Inauguration of Mother’s Temple
Arrangements for Kumbhabhishekam
Worship of the Sandals
The Story of the Ten Brahmins
The Banyan Tree
Devotee’s Discomfiture
Aasura Vasana
Tulya Ninda Stutihi (He Who Takes Praise and
Reproach Alike)
Patala Linaa (The Underground Linga)
The Medicine Itself has Arrived
Veda adhyayana (Study of the Veda)
Worldly Duties
Samadarsatvam! (Equality)
Kindness to Animals
The Helper of the Helpless
Residing in the Front Hall
The Happiness of an Independent Life
The Importance of Yatra and Pradakshina
(Pilgrimage and Circumambulation)
Advaita Drishti
Jnana yagnam
Pranayamam (Breath Control)
Sivam-Sundaram (Bliss and Beauty)
The Mudaliar granny
Pilgrimage to Tiruchuli
Boyhood Days
Help for good Works
Deceptive appearances
Is All the Work for which You have come Over?
Floor Decoration with Lime powder
Medicated Oils and Butter
Book Binding
Where to Stay? Where to Go?
Boyhood Days at Madurai
Mukti Kanta
The Greatness of Chillies


Foreword to Letters From and Recollections of
Sri Ramanasramam
Preface to Letters From and Recollections of
Sri Ramanasramam

Come, Let Us Go
The cook
How fortunate is this Sabari!
No Need for Leave Application for Women
Why Worry?
Give Them to Those Who have already Eaten
Yadbhaavam Tat Bhavati
(As One conceives, So Things Happen)
A Garland of Upadesas
A Little child
Kunjuswami’s Trip to Tirupati
Arunachala Mahatmyam
Ramana Sahasranamam
Is Your Ebullient desire Satisfied?
Anger and resentment
He is A Raja, Isn’t He.
I See, That is the Real Purpose
Will Not This too Go to court?
Tell Them and See if They care for Your Words
Guru Prasadam
Sannyasa for women
Goddess Kali