Pati Patni Aur Woh    (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

Pati Patni Aur Woh (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

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Author: Sanjeev Kumar
Vidya Sinha/
Director/Composer/Na: B. R. Chopra/Ravindra Jain
Publisher: Shemaroo
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): SHEDVD 169


Ever since, we have heard of Adam & Eve and ever since they were thrown out of Paradise and sent to the Earth, the story of man and woman is the same. Boy falls in love with a girl. They marry and become man and wife. But it would perhaps be too dull if the story rested here with the happy contented home with husband and wife and the inevitable child to complete the triangle of home.

In ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’ also the format of happy home is the same. We have a loving husband and a loving wife. We also have their child. But Man, the animal, in perpetual search of thrilling adventures of animal pleasures does try to have a filing at life and stray into side lanes. In ‘Pati Patni aur Woh’ also Ranjit, the Pati, collides against a young innocent `thing’ and does not try to resist the `Woh’. The ‘Patni’ at home and the `Woh’ at office. A new kind of equation. Love in both the hands. But it needs only a master craftsman to keep the two worlds together, without the right hand knowing what the left hand does.

(1) Does the Pati posses this great quality?
(2) What happens to the triangle of `Pati Patni aur woh?
(3) Do the two worlds collide?
(4) If they do what happens thereafter?
(5) We have decided not to probe into family secrets and allow the characters to tell the story themselves in `PATI PATNI AUR WOH’

Sanjeev Kumar, Asrani, Vidya Sinha, Ranjeeta, Master Bitu

Director: B. R. Chopra

Music Director: Ravindra Jain

Producer: B. R. Chopra

Year: 1980