Hanuman - Ever In  Service

Hanuman - Ever In Service

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Author: Swami Chinmayananda
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


Shri Hanuman is a great source of inspiration for all sincere pilgrims on the journey towards spiritual evolution. He is the very expression of divinity, unconditional love, wisdom, courage, loving service and incomparable strength. He is like a compassionate teacher and an affectionate friend to one and all. For the members of the Chinmaya Mission, Shri Hanuman evokes the image of Sidhari and Pujya Gurudev.

The present worksouvenir begins with the story of the arrival of Hanuman at Sidhbari. It continues to give a brief account of Hanuman’s birth, His early childhood and the various services that He rendered to His master Shri Rama.

Pujya Gurudev is the present day Hanuman. He is an embodiment of all the great virtues like wisdom, unconditional love, courage and above all an attitude of service. This is beautifully conveyed in the article ‘Gurudev – in the service of the Lord.’

Hanuman is chiranjeeva… ever alive. He lives with us even now. We need to discover Him in our day to day life. We have to bring Him in our homes, in our work place, in our relationship and in every aspect of our life. How can one do that? Read about it in ‘Hanuman – in day to day life.’

What was the inspiration behind Hanuman’s service? It was His vision – the vision of Oneness. The vision inspired by His single pointed devotion to Shri Rama. His service was His Love for Shri Rama made visible. He became an instrument in the hands of Shri Rama. Read about this in ‘Hanuman – an inspiring vision.’

The story of Hanuman, that began at Sidhbari, culminates with ‘Hanuman at Chinmaya Vibhooti – Symbolism and spirit.’ Chinmaya Vibhooti is the grand Vision Centre of the Chinmaya Mission. It is the place where one can get tuned to the vision of Pujya Gurudev. It is the vision that can transform an ordinary individual into a spiritual giant. It is like the philosopher’s stone that transforms iron into pure gold!!

The story concludes but the journey continues…

Every sincere seeker who will approach Shri Hanuman at Chinmaya Vibhooti shall be blessed with an inspiring Vision and an attitude of service. Let us all work together towards completing this project. As Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji says, “Chinmaya Vibhooti is an offering to Pujya Gurudev by all his disciples, devotees and beneficiaries of His work. It is a great dream and to realize this dream we all have to keep awake and work hard.”



Hanuman - Arrives at Sidhbari

Hanuman - The Formative Years

Hanuman - Ever in Service

Gurudev - In the Service of the Lord

Hanuman - In Day to Day Kife

Hanuman - An Inspiring Vision

Hanuman at Chinmaya Vibhooti - Symbolism and Spirit