Drawings Birds

Drawings Birds

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Author: Ajay
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178061295


Man has always been an ardent seeker of beauty in its subtle and varied manifestations. This has prompted him to draw and paint diverse forms of flora and fauna, gods and men, rivers and mountains, the entire Universe.

Unicorn Art Books teach you how to master the art of drawing your favourite things.

Each delightful book is brimming with simple step-by-step instructions to show how you can transform basic shapes into beautiful pictures.

Tips are an added feature in every book of this series that will help to create life-like presentations very easily.

So pick up your pencil and see how a circle here and few lines there magically become an eagle, a camel or even a human face.

This book is about making you happy and taking you on a great adventure. As you go though its pages, you will become more aware about the wonderful world of birds. You will find that they are one of the most fascinating subjects to draw. So just, pick up that pencil of yours and start drawing these beautiful creatures. Set aside any so-called rules and follow your intuition and interest. Draw for yourself and for your pleasure. Praise and appreciation will come as your drawing improves. All it needs is a keen interest in the subject, for the time being. Knowledge and perfection will come with practice.

Circles and ovals are the basic shapes to draw any bird. The difference and variation among them lies in the formation of the neck and beak. Always start the day with drawing a number of circles free hand on a rough page. As you can see in these drawings of Duck, the big oval shape is used for the main body and the small circle for the head. In some cases, you don’t even need to draw the neck. Hooded Merganser Duck is one fine example of what we want to say.


1. Introduction

2. Getting Started

3. The Hand Grip

4. The Light Effect

5. Anatomy

6. The Degree of Finish

7. The Head

8. The Reference

9. It Never Ends