Drawings Portraits

Drawings Portraits

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Author: Ajay
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178061276


Man has always been an ardent seeker of beauty in its subtle and varied manifestations. This has prompted him to draw and paint diverse forms of flora and fauna, gods and men, rivers and mountains, the entire Universe.

Unicorn Art Books teach you how to master the art of drawing your favourite things.

Each delightful book is brimming with simple step-by-step instructions to show how you can transform basic shapes into beautiful pictures.

Tips are an added feature in every book of this series that will help to create life-like presentations very easily.

So pick up your pencil and see how a circle here and few lines there magically become an eagle, a camel or even a human face.

Portrait drawing is the ultimate test of your skill:
To produce a good portrait you have to use all your knowledge and technique of pencil drawing. Although it needs practice and labour, it is most satisfying because once you do a successful portrait you will get a lot of appreciation from the person concerned. The examples given in this book are not only good but will also provide you enough opportunity to become a good hand at portraits. First simply go through the whole book casually. On the second go stop here and there, whatever you find interesting. Now you are ready to pick up your pencil. Simply copy the faces as much as you can. Choose those faces first which are more interesting and suitable to your taste. Before you complete even five faces of your choice, we are sure that you will have enough confidence to seek out new faces to sketch.

Divisions of the Face:
Drawing a portrait is very simple if you can divide the head properly. Never give much attention to the details first. Draw only those lines, which can block and define your subject in very simple terms. Follow the curvatures carefully and gently. Try to feel the shape as if you are touching it with your hands. The rest is easy.


1. Introduction

2. Divisions of the Face

3. Parts of the Face

4. The Light, Shade & Shadows

5. The Body Language