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Author: Julian Crandall Hollick
Publisher: Random House India
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 279
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-8400-003-0


Ganga has always been more than just an ordinary river. For millions of Indians, she is also a goddess. Yet the river is exploited as much as she is worshipped. Her water is siphoned off for irrigation, toxic chemicals are dumped into her, and dams and barrages have been built on her course causing immense damage. Ganga is in danger of dying - but if the river dies, will the goddess die too? The question took journalist Julian Crandall Hollick on an extraordinary journey starting at Gaumukh and ending at Sagar Island.

Travelling mostly on small country boats, he discovered a river that most people simply do not know: a river that never remains the same, which is often abandoned, and at times is no more than a stream. Combining travelogue, science and history, Ganga is a fascinating - and troubling - portrait of the river today. It will show you Ganga as you have never seen her before.



Himalayan Adventures

1. Travels with Basanti
2. The Rape of Ganga
3. Sacred Heartland
4. Mysterious Factor X
5. Dacoits and Dolphins
6. Farakka
7. Maker Sankranti at Sagar Island