History of South India: Ancient, Medieval & Modern

History of South India: Ancient, Medieval & Modern

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Author: P N Chopra
T K Ravindran/N Subrahmanian
Publisher: S Chand & Company
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 467
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8121901537


There had been some feeble attempts by various authors to portray the history of south India. This treatise is the first authenticated volume about the southern peninsular territory. Judging by the seriousness of the subject, the authors did not divulge the historical significance and yet tried to present it in a more lucid and entertaining style, which hold readers spellbound.

The history of the country is the biography of its great men which is reflected in this volume. In their own inimitable style, the authors have painted the ancient, medieval and modern period in an exemplary manner. Never for a movement the students feel that they are reading the text of exploring the south Indian Territory.





Pre-History and Proto-History
The Stavahans
Successors of the Satavahanas
The Tamils of the Sangam Age
The Kalabhras - An Interregnum
The Vakatakas
The Pallavas of Kanchi
The Chalukyas of Vatapi
The Pandyas I
The Rashtrakutas
The Cholas - Vijayalaya Line
The Chalukya - Cholas
The Eastern Chlukyas
The Western Chalukya - Cholas
The Eastern Chalukyas
The Western Chalukyas of Kalyani
The Pandyas II
The Hoysalas
Minor Powers of the Middle Ages
The Successors of the Chlukyas and the
Kalachuri usurpation
The Sultanate of Ma’bar
Early contacts between South India and the
World outside
Religious Architecture and Art in South India
Religion in South India


Early Muslim Invaders
The Vijayanagar Empire
The Bahmanis of Ahsanabad-Gulbaraga
The Nizam Shahis and the Imad Shahis
The Adil Shahis
The Utab Shahis of Golkonda
The Faruqis of Khandesh
The Reddi Kingdoms and other States
The Marathas
Political and Administrative Institutions
Social and Economic Life
Education and Literature
Arts and Architecture


Portuguese Contact with South India
The Dutch in South India
The Danes
Anglo-French Rivalry in Malabar
Mysore-Kerala Relations
Early British Relations with Kerala Kingdom
Anglo-Mysore Relations in the 18th Century
Anglo-French Rivalry in the Carnatic
Resistance to British Power
British supremacy in South India
Economic Conditions of South India
Peasant unrest in South India
Land Tenures of Malabar and Agrarian Problems
Mappila outbreaks in Malabar
Society and Culture
Christianity in South Indian Since 1500
Social reform Movement in South India
Nationalist Movement in South India