Rare Pulse    (Music CD)

Rare Pulse (Music CD)

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Author: Krishna Raghavendra
Publisher: Kosmic Music
Year: 2007
Language: Music
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): MRD 002


This music CD carries the following tracks:

1. Fisherman Song (Folk)

2. Dance of Shiva (Contemporary)

3. Ninnu Kori (Traditional)

4. Peelu Bhajan (Devotional)

5. Tryst with Destiny (Contemporary)

6. Rare Pulse (Contemporary)

7. Raguvamsa (Traditional)

8. Krishan Khanayya (Devotional)

Featuring Artist(s):
Veena – Dr. Krishna Raghavendra
Flute & Tambura – Dr. Raman
Maracas & Handclap – Jamey Haddad
Talking Durm & Saturn Durm – Jamey Haddad
Kanjira & Mridangam – Dr. Anand Iyer, Mazar, Zills,
Shakers & Crickets