Veda: A way of Life - A Tresury of Vedantic Teachings

Veda: A way of Life - A Tresury of Vedantic Teachings

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Author: Ramanuj Prasad
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 143
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122308627


The Veda (Sruti) is the most comprehensive doctrine on religion ever revealed to mankind that answers all man’s queries on the here and now and the hereafter.

Human objectives can be broadly grouped under four categories: desire (kama), material gain (artha), religious merits (dharma) and liberation (moksha).

The Veda holds the key to fulfill all these aspirations.

But the Veda simply reveals the Truth, never pressurising anyone to follow a particular path to self-discovery.

Each person is free to choose his own path to discovery of the Self or God.

The Vedas act as the means to the ultimate knowledge that is possible through direct perception.

The book seeks to increase awareness amongst readers about this wonderful treasury of ancient wisdom.

Study of this enlightening text will enhance the values of brotherhood, love and compassion, which are the need of the hour in our troubled times.

Dynamism of Vedas: Go forward: fear not, fight is the Vedic spirit of Kshatriyas.

All epoch-making contributions in the world are products of mind in deep meditation.

In this world, with multitude of ups and downs, we must strike a balance of the mind. Work and action are the prime factors to succeed.

Energy is immortal; it cannot be destroyed… when we depart from this world the spark of Eternal energy leaves our body.


I. Religion Eternal
(Sanatan dharma)

II. Veda and the Vedas
(Know the Knower)

III. Vedic Sublimations and Sactions

IV. Karma Kanda
(Ritualistic part of the Veda)

V. Jnana Kanda
(Prasnopanishad of the Atharvana Veda)