15 Din Mein Tabla or Kongo-Bongo Sikhya    (HINDI)

15 Din Mein Tabla or Kongo-Bongo Sikhya (HINDI)

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Author: Ramavtaar Veer
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2005
Language: Hindi
Pages: 110
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122304990


Music is the first art adopted by the primitive man. With the change of time and development of civilization man created a large number of musical instruments. Tabla is a musical instrument which was invented by primitive man when he was living in caves.

Tabla produces sound by beating its upper most surface by hand. There are hundreds of this type of musical instruments in the world and all of them are used widely in our country, more than fifty of this type of instruments are used, but it is the tabla-pair which is known as the king of this group.

Our classical dances could not be performed without playing on the tabla-pair. It also plays the most important role music. Dancers dance on the tune of the tabla, while all other players of the musical instruments follow the tune. It is the reason that operators of the tabla are called tabla-master in the world of music.

Playing on tabla pair is not as easy as it seems. Sound health and regular practice of hours together are must for becoming a perfect tabla-master. This is a set of two independent instruments and both are tuned before playing. These both pieces are known s male and female and one operated by the right hand and the other by left hand

Proper playing needs good knowledge of the tuning of the both parts and proper movement of fingers. These are the reason that in the beginning you may feel it a bit difficult. But in fact this difficulty is not a problem.

This book is quite capable to provide you complete guidance in a very simple and interesting way.