Dreams & Premonitions

Dreams & Premonitions

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Author: Vikas Khatri
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122309429


Some dreams and premonitions are prophetic. They came true in the life of many eminent world personalities like Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Mark Twain, H.G.Wells and John Lennon foretelling death, calamities and disasters with pinpoint accuracy. Thus, to discount them as being coincidental is not only preposterous, but also defying divinity.

The present book turns the spotlight on a wide range of dreams and extra-sensory perceptions covering wars, crimes, discoveries and murders.

Mind-boggling, thrilling, startling, yet time proven!!!


The Lusitania Nightmare-
When lecturer I. B. S. Holbourne left the United States in the spring of 1915 after a highly successful lecture tour, he booked a passage home to Great Britain on the huge Cunard ocean liner, the Lusitania. There was no way for him to know he would soon witness the vessel’s violent destruction. But, somehow, on the other side of the ocean, his wife was able to “see” what lay in store for her husband.

Marion Holbourne woke up on May 7, 1915, in an easy chair in her home’s library where she had been taking a nap.While asleep, she had experienced a detailed nightmare. She saw a large liner in terrible trouble. The ship was listing badly and lifeboats were being prepared for launching. Although there was no panic, people were very agitated.

In her dream, Mrs. Holbourne appeared on the upper deck as she watched the ship sink beneath her. A young ship’s officer approached her, and she asked if her husband was aboard. The officer answered that the professor had already escaped from the ship in a lifeboat.
On awakening, Mrs. Holbourne told her family about the disturbing dream. They laughed at her and dismissed her vision as “Just another nightmare.”

Later that day, no one was laughing. The news that the Lusitania had been attacked and sunk by a German submarine off the Irish coast soon reached England. Many had lost their lives.

But Professor Holbourne, the family was told, had been saved. After helping other people into lifeboats, he had been ordered to leave the ship himself. When he finally arrived home, he was able to confirm that his wife’s dream of the Lusitania disaster was accurate, including her description of the young man she talked to. The professor remembered him as being the officer who had ordered him into a lifeboat, saving his life.


Do Tragic Events Cast Shadows Before Them
1. A Contest of Oracles
2. Dream of an Egyptian Khedive
3. Dream of Hermann Hilprecht
4. The Flying Messenger
5. Rescue from Beyond the Grave
6. Gladstone’s Vision
7. The Mind of a Clergyman
8. The Ploughboy Prophet
9. Bismarck’s Dream
10. A Severed Head
11. King’s Premonition
12. No Walkies
13. The Prophecies of Nostradamus
14. The Fatal Salute
15. The Eruption of Mt. Pelee
16. The Trapped Lovers
17. Psychic Stock Market Tips
18. Psychic Detective
19. Arresting Visions
20. Picture Perfect
21. Dreams Saved Josiah Wilbarger
22. Fossil Dream
23. No Questions Asked
24. Nightmare that Came True
25. Manna Wins the Derby
26. Joan of Arc
27. Winston Churchill’s Inner Voice
28. Dream of the Missing Body
29. Tomorrow’s News Today 48
30. Ode to Death
31. A Strange Dream
32. The Widow’s Dream
33. Jules Verne’s Prediction
34. Swedenborg’s Vision
35. Mark Twain’s Dream
36. ESP vs Bombs
37. John Lennon’s Death Foreseen
38. In Plane Sight 57
39. Startling Acquittal
40. Disarmed
41. Astronomical Mistake
42. Star-crossed
43. Strange Foreboding
44. Vision of Murder
45. Pearl Harbour Warning
46. Rue Regicide
47. When the Ivory Crumbles
48. Death Vision
49. Dream Headlines
50. Thomas Wolsey
51. David Fabricius
52. Mistaken Identity
53. A Dream House in Sleep
54. She Could See Death
55. A Paranormal Rescue
56. The Lusitania Nightmare
57. Face of the Future
58. The Final Deliverance
59. Man Who Wasn’t There
60. Dream Made Him Rich
61. The Unexplained Portrait
62. Suicide Dream
63. Cheiromancy
64. Flight into the Future
65. K-19
66. Visions of Aberfan
67. Dreams of Chris Sizemore
68. The Death of Henry II
69. Dream of an Accident
70. Hannibal’s Famous Dream
71. Dreams, as Problem-Solvers
72. Artistic Dreams
73. A Gift from the Grave
74. Seen in a Crystal Ball
75. Abducting the Future
76. An Unemployed Prophet
77. The Warning that Wasn’t
78. Dreams of the Dead
79. Modern Prophecies
80. Lincoln’s Precognitive Dream
81. Saving Dream
82. Crisis Telepathy
83. Halley’s Comet and Mark Twain
84. Number 13
85. Foretelling his Own Death
86. Edgar Cayce
87. The Dog Foretold the Future
88. Catching Shoplifters with ESP
89. Papal Prophecies
90. Death of a General
91. Death of P.B. Shelley
92. Fate of Sir John Franklin
93. Don’t sleep, General
94. The Dream of Wallis Budge
95. Murder of Lloyd Magruder
96. An Ear to the Ground
97. The Doom of the Seaforths
98. A Prophetic Self- portrait
99. The Face of Death
100. Ann Faraday’s Dream
101. A Dream Saved Her Baby
102. Prophecy Called “Murder!”
103. Dream of a Corpse
104. The Prophetic Letter
105. The Polish Visionary
106. Money-Making “Brownies”
107. Future Shock
108. Dead Right
109. The Illiterate “Doc”
110. Deep Reflection
111. Forger’s Apprentice
112. Life Imitates Art
113. ESP Law
114. Serious Shell Shock
115. Dove Tale
116. Cat-astrophe
117. Died Laughing
118. The Beckoning Grave
119. Hitler’s Dream of Destiny
120. The Washoe Seeress Saw Silver
121. A Priest Dreamt the Future
122. Vision of Disaster
123. Preview of a Hanging
124. A Dream of Assassins
125. 104 Dead in Quake Area
126. The Times
127. Late Final Edition
128. St. Helens Blows Her Top
129. The Shuttle Explodes
130. Fall of Berlin Wall
131. Prophet of the Third Reich
132. Rewriting Nostradamus
133. PSI in Troubled Poland