15 Din Mein Sitar Sikhiye    (HINDI)

15 Din Mein Sitar Sikhiye (HINDI)

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Author: Ram Avtaar Vir
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2005
Language: Hindi
Pages: 112
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122305016


An extremely popular Indian String Instrument with a Pumpkin Gourd at one end, 19-20 frets, 7 main strings and 11 sympathetic strings, 127 cms, this marvelous instrument, when played properly, has the quality of a Spanish guitar in the hands of a master.

Sitar is the king of musical instruments of India. The enchanting ‘clinking tins’ and the flowing Meend sound sweetest on this instrument. It is the tonal superiority of this instrument that has accorded Sitar its peerless position among the other instruments of music.

If your are an actual lover of music and want to learn playing on any musical instrument, than the sitar will be prove your best choice. Just like the harmonium and synthesizer, you can also sing while playing on your sitar, but it is not compulsory.

Opposite to the tabla, guitar and harmonium its pitch of sound remains very low, so your neighbours will not disturb when you will play on your sitar. Not only this, the strings of the sitar produces so harmonic and melodious sound, that complete atmosphere fills with the divine waves and light. Only sitar, veena and jal-tarang can produce this type of atmosphere.

Proper playing on a sitar is a bit difficult than the playing on any other musical instrument. Just like guitar and all other string-instruments, all the seven strings of the sitar are tuned before playing. You strike on any one of these strings by the first finger of your right hand and the fingers of your left your may feel some difficulty, but infect it is not a problem. It is the most marvelous and wonderful aspect of the playing on a sitar and very interesting too.

This book is quite capable to provide you complete guidance in a very simple and interesting way.

A handy reference to master the art of playing Sitar for the amateur, the professional and the decorative.