50 Moral Tales From the Gurukul

50 Moral Tales From the Gurukul

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Author: Prem P Bhalla
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122308694


All the stories in this book revolve around the teachings of Swami Paramananda, a teacher who renounced worldly life to adopt sanyas. Even as a teacher, he taught through stories.

His students loved it, since it was easier to comprehend the subject. They referred to his stories as Guruji’s stories.

Guruji would tell students and disciples his favourite stories – each based upon an eternal truth – and explain these in greater detail, if necessary.

Guruji’s stories are based upon popular proverbs on life and living. Each story is inspiring and thought-provoking.

There are stories emphasising the need to learn. Others teach one to differentiate between good and bad. Some motivate listeners to act, encouraging mutual respect, care, compassion and charity.

Based upon real-life experiences, each story affirms an eternal truth. Although meant for youngsters, adults will also enjoy this collection of 50 stories.


1. Rocks and Pebbles
2. Ravana’s End
3. Ali’s Prayers
4. The Interview with God
5. Helpless Love
6. The Henpecked King
7. Two Rotis
8. Karna’s Charity
9. The Lazy Boy
10. Our Attitude Counts
11. The Swami and the Jawan
12. The Dacoit’s ‘Daughter’
13. Unfulfilled Desires
14. Strength from Within
15. An Immortal Name
16. The Bull’s-eye
17. The Chemical Plant
18. Meenu Ma’am
19. Time is Always Precious
20. The Farmer and His Donkey
21. Lord Krishna’s Headache
22. Swamiji’s Prayer
23. The Stingy Man
24. The Rat-traps
25. The Water Channel
26. Search for Truth
27. The Sprint
28. The Fruits of Persistence
29. Tansen’s Golden Voice
30. God’s Strange Ways
31. An Ill Wind
32. View from the Window
33. The Lucky Three
34. Death of a Bird
35. Yudishthira and the Dog
36. God Always Responds
37. A Compatible Spouse
38. The Wallet
39. Setting an Example
40. The First Time
41. Two Little Mantras
42. The Mighty Candle
43. The Queen Cobra
44. Good and Bad
45. The Letter
46. Courage Conquers All
47. A Child’s Wisdom
48. The Wheel Spanner
49. Grandpa’s Birthday
50. The Blanket