The Rtusamhara of Kalidasa

The Rtusamhara of Kalidasa

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Author: M R Kale
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 142
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788180901614


This book is about the description of six seasons by Kalidasa. How the summer season’s effect is allayed by women with their love, how the heat of the sun effects travelers, animals and the beauty of the moon in the summer evening depicted beautifully.

The joy in rainy season is described by the dance of peacocks, clouds, blossoming flowers, pain of separation of traveller’s wives very beautifully.

Full-of-flowers earth, singing of swans, grown up crops, cool breeze,
make-up by women, travelers yearing to meet their loved ones are some of the descriptions of autumn season.

Winter season’s beauty is described through the delight of the women’s heart, ripe rice in village fields, snowfalls, and the cries of
the birds.

The description of cold season is when fields are full of sugarcane, when people resort to the interior of the house with windows closed, of the fire, of the sun’s rays, of thick garments, of youthful ladies has its own mystic.

Spring season when dear gains added beauty, trees put forth flowers, water grow lotuses, ladies become full of passion, winds flow fragrant, evenings are pleasant and days are beautiful, is described beautifully poetically.

The meaning of the stanzas are so beautifully given in the book that it immediately catches the eye of the reader, thus fulfilling the purpose of the book.