The Key Of Chaos

The Key Of Chaos

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Author: Payal Dhar
Publisher: Kali/Zubaan
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 324
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-89884-13-1


The thrilling sequel to Payal Dhar's A Shadow in Eternity.

“I never got to tell him I’m sorry.”

Meet Maya Subramaniam: thirteen years old, schoolgirl by day, Preferred by night.

Throw in a pair of disapproving parents intent on stopping her forays into an alternate world, a two-meter-tall Watcher who can sense her state of mind, and a best friend who could technically be her worst enemy.

Certainly, Maya’s life is quite full, and the last thing she needs is an unpleasant involvement with an ancient conspiracy. But being in possession of a valuable artefact belonging to the renegade Warriors of the Shadow, she has little choice in the matter. The question is, should she believe a two-thousand-year-old jumble of calculations, or follow her instincts and trust her Watcher’s logic?

As events spiral towards a grim climax, Maya, Lev and their Watchers are caught in a deadly race. Will they win? And at what cost?

“Dhar’s psychological strength, intellectual depth, complexity, stylistic originality, and humanist approach make the book a must.”
-Sunday Tribune

“Fast pace and out of this world, this book takes you on a swift ride to fantacy.”
-The Hindu


Prologue: Visitor at Krestal

1. News, Good and Bad
2. The Return
3. Back at the castle
4. Lev
5. A Startling Interpretation
6. The shell
7. Noah Keeps a Promise
8. Friendship on the rocks
9. A shock for Stephen
10. Noah and the Subramaniams
11. Two Encounters
12. An Invitation
13. Councilor Enol
14. Off to Kirnara
15. Jan
16. NEW world
17. Maya is Disgusted
18. Defensive Illusion
19. Turn of the Season
20. The Duel
21. The Banquet
22. And What Happened After
23. A Strange Twist
24. A Change of Plans
25. Noah Makes a List
26. A Long week
27. A Little Bit of Sorting Out
28. Rescue Mission
29. The Key Turns
30. The Price Paid
31. Postmortem
32. The Key of Chaos
33. Stephen’s Choice