Johny Mera Naam   (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

Johny Mera Naam (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

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Author: Dev Anand
Hema Malini/
Director/Composer/Na: Vijay Anand/Kalyanji Anandji
Publisher: Eros Multimedia
Year: 2007
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD-E 248


Fate separated two young brothers, Mohan (Pran) and Sohan (Dev Anand), Mohan - the elder brother went after the man who killed their father (Junior Police Officer), in front of him. The killer too was found dead, but Mohan was nowhere to be found. Eventually both the brothers met each other when they had grown up.

Like his father, Sohan became a Police Officer. Devoted to his mother and to his work, he was given the dangerous assignment by the Commissioner of Police to become Jhony and joins an international gang of smuggler who were ruining the economy of our country. He was warned that he would be dealing with ruthless men who would stop at nothing if they found out that Johny, the smuggler, was in fact Sohan, the Police Officer.

Sohan began the make-believe of Johny Mera Naam but he was in for a surprise - like Rekha (Hema Malini), a lovely young woman, right amidst the smugglers and working for Moti, the second-in-command.

But is Moti his real name? Johny wonders. And who is the top man? And Rekha, the beautiful lady, has more things on her mind than just smuggling. Johny tackles them one by one till, he lays his hand on the number one - Bhupinder Singh!-and gets the surprise of his life.

Year: 1970

Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Pran and others.

Directed by: Vijay Anand

Music by: Kalyanji Anandji

Genre: Action & Adventure