Baarish Ki Ek Jaadui Bund  (Hindi + Illustrated)

Baarish Ki Ek Jaadui Bund (Hindi + Illustrated)

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Author: Geeta Dharmarajan
Painter/Illustrator/: Bindia Thapar
Publisher: Katha
Year: 2005
Language: Hindi
Pages: 34
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189020358


Geeta Dharmarajan's The Magic Raindrop is a tale full of childhood fantasies and a yearning to break free. Using a metaphor of a kite, Geeta seems to suggest that all things are best left to their natural habitat.

Seetu and Kittu are siblings who, like many other children, own a colourful kite. With a twist of events, a big fat raindrop falls on the kite, and makes it grow so huge that it appears larger than life. Ultimately, when the kite grows too big to hold on, Seetu lets go off the strings, and it flies away to lands unknown.

The illustrations by Bindia Thapar bring to life the characters, and the multi-coloured kites that kiss the sky. The use of bright and bold shades of reds, blues and greens breathe life into the pages, and you can almost hear the swish of kites fluttering past you.

The last three pages of the book gives you an enlightening view into the traditions of kite flying all around the globe. Kites are not just flown for entertainment, the Thais and the Nepalese send kites up with secret prayers to the gods.