Spiritual Communism

Spiritual Communism

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Author: Mahabeer Prasad Gairola
Publisher: Writers Workshop
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 320
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181573900


The cell our body reacts and even revolts, when we overstrain them. In the like manner, sugar too does not dissolve in water after the saturation point. After every ascent, there is a descent. We too not only refuse to take even the most delicious dishes, when our bellies are full to the brim, but also vomit it, if taken forcibly thereafter.

In the present Atomic age the once most popular concepts of class-consciousness, class-conflicts and solution of social problems or disputes through a bloody revolution, are now losing their charm and Marxism, Leninism and the thought of Maostaetung have become outdated philosophies. Materialism has also crossed its limits and despite unprecedented material achievements in all spheres of life, man today is most restless and panic-stricken everywhere. His materialist way of life has created very many problems for Man and he has made an ass of himself. The most devastating atom and Hydrogen bombs and long range ballistic missiles have been manufactured and stored by the warring countries on a very large scale for some decades to bring the doomsday for Man on earth.

How most unfortunate and shameful it is that a few flourish and billions of people on this Globe are forced to lead wretched lives only because the Constitutions of all countries allow a few to hoard money and retain with them much more than that they actually need for their survival and the rest are forced to live much below the poverty line.




1. The Universe as Ee Know It
2. The Nature and Scope of Matter
3. Materialist Interpretation of History
4. Atomic Research and Man’s Entry
Into Outer Space
5. Spiritualistic Interpretation of History
6. And the Advent of Spiritualism as a Social System
7. The Mysterious State
8. The New Approach



Seven colour Photographs
Of river Sarswati and
Himalayan Shrines