Practice of Nature Cure

Practice of Nature Cure

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 351
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170522293


Dealing with a wide range of subjects on the natural way of living and treatment of diseases, the most striking feature of the present work is that it is completely free from any bias or prejudice against other systems of medicine. On the other hand, its approach is synthetic, which lays great emphasis on the practical ways of treating diseases-mainly through observing the natural rules of living, improving the general standard of health and harnessing the forces of nature as curative agents.

Individual treatment of a number of common diseases, including that of women and children, the science of heliotherapy, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, air-therapy as also other allied subjects as dietetics, mental therapeutics and spiritual healing, are included in the thirty-three chapters of this work.

Tenth in the Health and Long Life Series, Practice of Nature Cure, is preceded by the author’s already well-known works as Family Doctor, Health and Long Life, Health and Happiness and A Boon to Diabetics. As it is naturally expected, the central outlook of the work is based on spirituality.




Chapter One:
Life-the Grand Vehicle of All Endeavours

Chapter Two:
Mother Nature-Our Saviour

Chapter Three:
AIR for Health and Cure

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:
Sun Cure

Chapter Six:
Colour Cure

Chapter Seven:
Health and Brahmacharya

Chapter Eight:

Chapter Nine:

Chapter Ten:

Chapter Eleven:

Chapter Twelve:
Care of Teeth

Chapter Thirteen:
Diet and Health

Chapter Fourteen:
Fast Cure

Chapter Fifteen:
Food Medicines

Chapter Sixteen:
Herbal Cure

Chapter Seventeen:
Naturopathic First Aids

Chapter Eighteen:
Treatment of Diseases

Chapter Nineteen:
Children’s Diseases

Chapter Twenty:
Women’s Diseases

Chapter Twenty-One:
Pregnancy and confinement

Chapter Twenty-Two:
Care of the New Born

Chapter Twenty-Three:
Health and Deep Breathing

Chapter Twenty-Four:
Mental Therapeutics

Chapter Twenty-Five:

Chapter Twenty-Six:
Spiritual Healing

Chapter Twenty-Seven:
Public Health

Chapter Twenty-Eight:

Chapter Twenty-Nine:
Scorpion Sting

Chapter Thirty:
Some Naturopathic Questions and Answers

Chapter Thirty One:
Treatment at a Glance

Chapter Thirty-Two:
Cheap Household Natural Remedies

Chapter Thirty-Three:
Some Do’s and Don’ts For Health