The Philosophical Perspective On Sikh View Of Martyrdom

The Philosophical Perspective On Sikh View Of Martyrdom

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Author: Nirbhai Singh
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 411
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172053886


The book, The Philosophical Perspective on Sikh View of Martydom is the first Philosophical interpretation of the concept of martyrdom based on the primary sacred scriptures of the Sikhs and authenticated from the supreme sacrifices of the Gurus and the Sikh martyrs. The concept is traced from the Greek and the Islamic traditions and developed its sui generic character.

The cultural interpretation of the Sikh concept of martyrdom is the fruit of the author’s creative and original reflections. The book will cleanse dross of misunderstandings of the concept. It is an analytical interpretation in the coeval context. It is an endeavour to churn out the hidden meanings of the ciphers, which are locked up in The Guru Granth.

Objectives, critical and comprehensive tools of interpretation are used for understanding the philosophical import of Sikhism. It resuscitates the revealed illuminations of the Gurus and the Bhakats. The ecstasies of the contributors are reinterpreted within the context of The Gurus Granth in the modern philosophical terms. It is a synthesis of medievalism and the present without digressing from the spirit of the Sikh faith. The interpretations are in conformity with the medieval and the coeval cultural contexts. No doubt, the methodology has the impact of the Western critical and hermeneutical techniques, but the paradigm of the interpretations is cast in the dynamic philosophical model of Sikhism.

It ensconces eternity and temporality, and restores historicity of human action and societal realities which were lost in the medieval religious dogmas and bigotry.

The ideal man of the Sikh faith, the martyr (marjivada), is an embodiment of the Akalpurakh. The khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh is always ready to stake his life for eradicating evil in the world.


Key to Transliteration



1. Prolegomenon

2. Martyrdom and Religious Discourse

3. Medieval Cultural Milieu

4. Restoration of Social Realities

5. Gurus’ Sense of Time and History

6. The Akal Takht

7. Purpose of Human Life

8. Religious Sacrifices to Martyrdom

9. Martyrdom in Religious Traditions

10. Philosophy of Sikh Martyrdom

11. Guru Arjundev’s Martyrdom

12. Guru Arjundev’s Martyrdom

13. Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom

14. The Creation of The Khalsa

15. The Khanda-Baptism

16. Panja Piare

17. Martyrdoms of Four Sahibzadas - I

18. Martyrdoms of Four Sahibzadas - II

Revisiting the Leitmotiv

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General Index

Philosophical Index