Development After Globalization

Development After Globalization

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Author: John Saul
Publisher: Three Essays
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 135
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188789348


John Saul’s long association with African countries, both with the challenges of exploitation, marginalization and dependency that confront people there and with their often dramatic struggles to overcome them (including the “thirty years war for liberation” in Southern Africa), have drawn Saul not only to write widely on such African questions but also to reflect more generally upon the situation in the broad range of regions in the global South that experience, in shared if also diverse ways, the hard facts of poverty and exclusion in the present world of capitalist globalization.

In this book, Saul interrogates the reality of “underdevelopment” in such an unequal world, one driven principally by western power and capitalist profit-seeking and supported by inequalities of power and influence within the countries of the “Third World” themselves. Suggesting fresh ways to consider the dynamics of this situation, Saul also seeks to rethink the manner of linking a necessary class-based struggle with progressive identity politics.

In doing so, he looks towards a synthesis of democratic, socialist, and anti-imperialist sensibilities and invites scholars and activists alike to involve themselves in the kind of intellectual activism that can better underpin concrete and shared struggles, local, national regional and global.


Author's Note

1. Introduction:
Development theory then and now

2. Dependency
(With Colin Leys, co-author)

3. Globalization, imperialism and development:
False binaries and radical resolutions

4. Identifying class, classifying difference

5. The struggle, intellectual and political, continues

Reviving Development Theory as
Continuing anti-imperialist resistance