Learn to Play on Tabla- Vol. 1 & II

Learn to Play on Tabla- Vol. 1 & II

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Author: Ram Avtar Vir
Publisher: Pankaj Publications
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 101
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187155000


This book aims to meet the requirements of ever-increasing number of enthusiasts and lovers who can learn at home during their leisure hours.

It deals with Tabla, its parts, nomenclature, boles, tuning as also with methods of its maintenance. It also lovers methods of maintaining time and speed and general instruction for the guidance of beginners and amateurs. It also includes simple exercise with illustrations for their benefit. Some popular Thekas also form a useful part of this book.



Parts of Tabla
sitting Positions
Boles (Words) on Tabla
Tal and Lay (Time and Rhythm)
Tuning of Tabla
Suggestions of the Beginners
Maintenance of Tabla
Theka Tal Kehrwa Matra 4
Theka Tal Kehrwa Matra 8
Theka Tal Dadra, Matra 6
Theka Tal Jhapa
Theka Ek Tal
Theka Tal Teen Matra 16
Instructions for Playing Advance Talas
Exercise Tal Dadra
Exercise Tal Kehrwa
Exercise Tal Teen
Exercise Tal Talwara Matra 16
Exercise Tal Char Matra 12
Exercise Tal Ara Chautal Matra 14
Exercise Tal Deep Chandi Matra 14
Exercise Tal Dhamar Matra 14
Exercise Tal Teevra Matra 7
Exercise Tal Roopak Matra 7
Some Important Exercise
Important Exercises for Left Hand

History of Tabla
Parts of Tabla
Tuning of Tabla
Bols of Tabla
Tala and Laya (Time and Rhythm)
Sam, Tali and Khali, Tala Circle speed
How to Practice Tabla
Definition of Words Used in Tabla Playing
Thekas of Tabla
Thekas of Talas with Durgan, Tigan, Chaugan, Tihai, Peshakara, Lagi, Ladi, Prakar, Mukhada, Kayada and Paranas