Tales From The Tawi - A Collection of Dogri Folk Tales

Tales From The Tawi - A Collection of Dogri Folk Tales

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Author: Suman K. Sharma
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 111
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123014074


This book is a collection of some of the better known folk tales of the Dogras – a proud people inhabiting the region extending from Jammu to Himachal Pradesh in north India.

In rendering into English these humorous, hearts warming and occasionally sad snippets of the Dogra way of life, Suman K. Sharma has been successful in maintaining the flavour of the original tales in Dogri. Supplemented with evocative illustrations these tales should lease the child in every one of us.


1. But it Didn’t Strike Us
2. Chenas
3. Never Shall I touch the Hamper Again
4. Parmandal
5. The Day it Rained Fishes
6. Not the One Eyed Groom
7. Union is Strength
8. Bharua, the Miser
9. The Magic of the soil
10. A Fragrant Flower
11. Darling Sister of Severn Brothers
12. Mahadevi
13. Doing Justice to an Oilman
14. A Tree of Babroo Cookies
15. A Guilty Conscience
16. The Iron Code
17. The Deed and the Intent
18. Surgal Nag
19. The Untouchable
20. Charity
21. Baba Kaura
22. Raja Bhair
23. Sati Trippan
24. Sail Patthar
25. Suddh Mahadev
26. Dawanu Shah, the loan Shark
27. Supreme Sacrifice
28. A People’s Destiny
29. A Marriage Party of Ghosts