Voyage of Komagata Maru  OR India's Slavery Abroad

Voyage of Komagata Maru OR India's Slavery Abroad

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Author: Baba Gurdit Singh
Foreword/Introductio: Darshan S. Tatla
Publisher: Unistar
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 241
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189899333


Sardar Gurdit Singh (1859-1954) was a pioneering Sikh traveler who
challenges several mighty regimes as he chartered a shipload of 376
Punjabi passengers to Vancouver in 1914.

He questioned Canada’s immigration laws based on racial prejudice and discrimination while raising many disturbing issues regarding British imperial policy towards its dominions, colonies and colonial people.




A guide to further reading

Chronology of Events


1. India’s Slavery Abroad
2. Indian Immigrants in Canada
3. The Charter Party
4. Canada’s Hideous Crime under Cover of Law
Interview with Mr. Severn

5. Bloodshed in Canada
6. The Return Journey
7. Tragedy at Budge Budge
8. Great Escape
9. Underground Years
10. Meeting the Mahatma
11. Surrender at Nankana Sahib
12. British Justice

Name index

1. Sardar Gurdit Singh (1859-1954)
2. Memory Tablet of Komagata Maru at Vancouver
3. Proclamation of Komagata Maru on its 75th
Anniversary, 1989
4. Komagata Maru at Vancouver Harbour, 23rd May, 1914
5. First Sikh delegation to Ottawa, December 1911
6. Second Sikh Delegation to London and India,
March 1913
7. A Sikh gathering at 22nd avenue Gurdwara, Vancouver
8. An appeal for funds in support of Komagata Maru
9. M. Reid, Hopkinson, H.H. Stevens with other
Official inspecting Komagata Maru
10. Komagata Maru surrounded by Rainbow Cruiser
And other boats
11. Commemoration at Budge Budge
12. Gurdit Singh’s ancestral home, Sarhali
13. Gurdwara, Baba Ram sing, Sarhali. A Nishan Sahib
Stands where Gurdit Singh was cremated
14. Facsimile of Voyage of Komagata Maru