The Sunlit Path - Passages from Conversations

The Sunlit Path - Passages from Conversations

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Author: The Mother
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 250
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788170588801


In this book, a collection of brief passages from conversations, the Mother talks about the qualities one must develop in order to grow inwardly and pursue a harmonious spiritual life. She also discusses the difficulties of the spiritual path and explains how to overcome one’s weaknesses, relate well with others and face the problems of daily life. Other subjects include money, health and work.

There are 231 passages in the book, arranged thematically in twenty-one chapters. A sketch of the Mother’s life and a glossary of terms have been provided at the end.

“There is always (it is probably inevitable) the path of struggle and then there is the sunlit path. And after much study and investigation, I have had a sort of spiritual ambition, if it may be called that, to bring to the world a sunlit path in order to eliminate the need for suffering and struggle…”
-The Mother


The Call
The Value of Education
Morality, Religion, Yoga
Surrender, Self-offering, Humility
Sincerity, Weakness, Will-power
Other Persons and Forces
Courage, Endurance, Effort
Receptivity and Aspiration
Concentration, Meditation, Work
The Divine Work
Peace and Quiet
The Spirit and the Psychic Being
The Ego and Self-giving
Faith and the Grace
Controlling One’s Thoughts
Developing the Mind and Senses
Mundane affairs
Words, Opinions, Judgments
Virtue, Purity, Freedom
Effort, Patience, Progress
The Divine, the World and Man

A sketch o the Mother’s Life
References to the Texts
Glossary of Sanskrit and Other Terms