The Form and Function Of Music in Ancient India  (Set of 2 Vol.)

The Form and Function Of Music in Ancient India (Set of 2 Vol.)

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Author: Swami Prajnanananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Vedanta Math
Year: 1990
Language: multilingual
Pages: 547
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


This volume contains discussions on primitive music, prehistoric music and Vedic music of Ancient India. Music and music materials of ancient India have paved the glorious path of the epitome of Art and Culture of Indian Music. The Indian peoples look back to the prosperous days of their cultural past and march forward for making the future bright and worth-full.

In this volume the author has critically discussed the Rig-Veda and the Sama-Veda as viewed, by the celebrated Commentator Sayana; the Samhita of the Sama-Veda which has particularly mentioned about the Sama-sacrifices and the Samaganas; the Riktantra, the Samatantra, the Pratisakhya of the Sama-Veda along with different types of Ganas, Purvarchika, Uttararchika, Uha and Uhya; the Brahmanas like Samavidhana, Panchavimsa, Arseya, Daivatadhaya, Upanisad- Brahmana, etc. All this history of Music in Ancient India has been discussed most authentically by the world-renowned author giving detailed references and numerous plates.




Chapter One:

Chapter Two:
Study of the Primitive Tribes and Their Racial

Chapter Three:
Ethnological study of the Aboriginal Tribes of India

Chapter Four:
Music in the Primitive Time

Chapter Five:
Existing Tribal Dance and Music
Indus Valley in the Calcolithic and Bronze Age

Chapter Six:
Music in the Vedic Time

Chapter Seven:
The Sama-Veda (Book of the Vedic songs)

Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III




Chapter One

Chapter Two
The Characteristics of the Rgveda and the
Sama-Veda as viewed by Sayana

Chapter Three
Music in the introduction to Sama-Veda
By Sayana

Chapter Four
Music in the Rktantra

Chapter Five
Music and the Samatantra or Pupasutra,
The Pratiskhya of the Sama-Veda

Chapter Six
Music in the Samatantra and the Sama-Vidhana-

Chapter Seven
Music in the Mantra-Brahmana

Chapter Eight
Music in the Panchavimsa-Brahmana

Chapter Nine
Music in the Rk-Pratisakhya

Chapter Ten
Music in the Taittiriya-Pratisakhya

Chapter Eleven
Music in the Sukla-Yaju-Pratisakhya

Chapter Twelve
Music in the Siksas

Chapter Thirteen
Music in the Yajnavalkya-Siksa

Chapter Fourteen
Music in the Manduki-Siksa

Chapter Fifteen
Music in the Panniya-Siksa

Chapter Sixteen
The Vedic Music Samaganas and their Methods
Of playing

Chapter Seventeen
Musical Instruments in Vedic and Ancient India