The Cultural Heritage Of India  (Vol. VII  Part One)

The Cultural Heritage Of India (Vol. VII Part One)

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Author: Kapila Vatsyayan
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Year: 1937
Language: English
Pages: 1068
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187332492


The present volume (Vol. VII, Part One) following the plan and structure of the previous volumes in The Cultural Heritage of India series of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture. The contributors include the stalwarts who were responsible for laying the foundation of the discipline of art history as distinct from both archaeology and social and political history.

Besides introduction the other forty articles grouped under four sections – Architecture, Sculpture, Epigraphy and Numismatics, and Indian Art and the east – encompass different facets of each genre. Among these are seminal contributions by scholars such as Nirmal Kuar Bose, O.C. Gangoly, Sella Kramrisch, D.C. Sircar and of course, Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, who raised theoretical issues of great significance which continue to be relevant. This is clear from the contribution of younger scholars included in this volume.

In the last analyses, it is the spirit and experience manifested in this art, which is perennial and not time-bound. This is the reason why the varied artistic traditions of India engage us today. This art, I essence, reflects the states of being beyond specificities transcending the boundaries of time and space.


Publisher’s Note


Ananda K. Coomaraswamy


The Stupa
Amita Ray

Rock-Cut Caves (Buddhist, Jaina and Brahmanical)
Asok K. Bhattacharya

Reflections on Schools and Styles
Of Indian Temple Architecture
Nirmal K. Bose

Indian Temple Architecture
Michael W. Meister

Nagara Temples
Nirmal K. Bose

Dravida and Calukya temles
K.R. Srinivasan

Jaina Architectural Traditions and canons
Gopilal Amar

Some Architectural Conventions of Kerala
K.R. Pisharoti

The Spirit of Tibetan Architecture
Lame Anagarika Govinda

Indo-Islamic Architecture (1192-1803)
R. Nath


Indian Sculpture: Essence and form
O.C. Gangoly

Harappan Art
Jagat Pati Joshi

Ancient Indian Terracottas
C.C. Dasgupta

Mauryaand Sunga Sculpture
Nihar Ranjan Ray

Kusana Sculpture
R.C Sharma

Gupta Sculpture
Stella Kramrisch

Pala and Sena Sculpture
Stella Kramrisch

Medieval sculpture (Deccan and the South)
C. Sivaramamurti

Early Jaina Sculpture (300 B.C. - 300 A.D.):
East India
Debala Mitra

Early Jaina Sculpture (300 B.C. - 300 A.D.):
West India
U.P. Shah

Hindu Iconography
N.P. Joshi

Buddhist Iconography
J.N. Banerjea

Diagrams and Symbols of Jaina Iconography
U.P. Shah

Jina Image in Agamic and Hymnic Tradition
M.A. Dhaky

Jaina Iconography
Juthika Maitra

Late Jaina Wood-Carvings
V.P. Dwivedi

Temple Terracottas of Bengal
Ashok K. Bhattacharyya


Indian Epigraphy
D.C. Sircar

Epigraphic Bearing on Early Indian Art
B.N. Mukherjee

Art in the coins of Early and Medieval India
B.N. Mukherjee

Art and Indian Epigraphy
Z.A. Desai

Calligraphic art in Perso-Arabic Epigraphs
Ashok K. Bhattacharyya


South-East Asian Art
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Indian and Central Asia
R.C. Mjumdar

India and China:
The Beyond and the Within
Lokesh Chandra

Interflow of Art between India and Japan
Lokesh Chandra

Indonesian Art: Indian Echoes
K.K. Ganguly

Pagan: The Indian Connection
K.K. Ganguly

Art of Nepal
Amita Ray

Art of Sri Lanka
H.T. Basnayake