Jagat Chettri

Jagat Chettri

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Author: Bhanu Chettri
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 62
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126022876


Jagat Chettri (b. 23 August 1936, Died : 27th May 1999), M.A., Ph.D., is not only a well-known name in Nepali Literature but his contributions in different pockets of society have made him very dear and popular among the people. He was a multi-faceted personality and involved himself, directly or indirectly, in all affairs of society which are related to the upliftment and betterment of humanity, language, literature, education, culture and all those activities meant for collective interests. He was always active and energetic.

Jagat Chettri’s pen has run in almost all the disciplines of literature but his strong fortes are essays, research articles and short stories. There are four collections of his short stories among his none published books. Nepali Sahitya Ko Sanchhipta Ithias (1978) is one of the most remarkable books to his credit. His latest book is the collection of his one act plays Hamiley Macha khayaun (1995). Jagat Chettri was a self disciplined person and believed in perfection in every work that he undertook. Professionally he was a teacher and was known mostly as “Jagat Sir”.

Jagat Chettri was very fond of the Nepali language, literature and culture, and was associated with numerous institutions and organizations. His contribution towards the inclusion of Nepali language in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution can never be disregarded. He was even jailed during Nepali Bhasha Movement.

Undoudtedly Jagat Chettri’s contributions to literature and society were ultimate, and had won him many awards and honours like Ratna Shree Gold Medal (1986), National Award for teachers (1991) and ARUGI Sahity Puraskar (1995).



1. Jagat Chettri: Life and Background

2. Jagat Chettri as a Teacher and a
Text Book Writer

3. Jagat Chettri and his Short Stories

4. Hamilay Machha Khayaun:
A Collection of One Act Plays

5. Miscellaneous Works of

6. Chettri in Literature


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