Timely Gift  (Illustrated)

Timely Gift (Illustrated)

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Author: I.K.K. Menon
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 71
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123011288


Govind wanted a bicycle very badly. Asleep or awake he dreamt of getting one for himself. If he had a bicycle, he would go for picnics with his friends on it; he could cross Neera River on it! In his desperatation to lay his hands on a bicycle, he gave some money to Chinnen, who later said he knew nothing about it! Not only had Govind lost the hope to get a bicycle, but he had also lost the 10 rupees he gave to Chinnen. But there was a surprise waiting for him.

Timely Gift and Other Stories is a collection of more such delightful stories whose protagonists are children Pre-teens will find it compelling reading.

This book includes ten stories:

1. Timely gift
2. The missing Hubcaps
3. Mummy’s Umbrella
4. A gift for Madan Gopal
5. Kunchi Amma’s mouth
6. Happy Birthday
7. The Ghost of Father Martin
8. Last Paper
9. Seenu & the Panther
10. Mutual Help