No Time For Fear  (Illustrated)

No Time For Fear (Illustrated)

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Author: Sigrun Srivastav
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 99
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123010591


“How can you believe in such foolish things as horoscopes? Take the paddle and row”, says Venu to his friend while battling a turbulent sea in ‘No time For Fear’. Ramu and Bharat solve the secret of the black shadow in the middle of the road in ‘Time is Running Out’.

Meet these and many more fascinating character in this collection of dramatic stories.

Sigrun Srivastav, a multi-talented personality, is by profession a sculptress. She has exhibited her works in many parts of the world and has received many awards in art and children’s literature.

This book includes 15 stories:

1. Not time for fear
2. Trapped
3. Time is running out
4. Sunday disaster
5. Do you know him?
6. The cry from the well
7. Bad business
8. The bully
9. “What’s wrong, Neeta?”
10. Surbai, the hunter
11. Everybody gets a chance
12. Some folks are lucky
13. Chryanthemums
14. A silly thing to do
15. The hunt for the Hyena