Dalit Christians: Right To Reservations

Dalit Christians: Right To Reservations

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Author: Camil Parkhe
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 84
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7214-979-4


The Dalit Christians (the people belonging to the erstwhile untouchable communities converted to Christianity) in India continue to be socially, economically and politically backward even six decades after India gained independence and abolished untouchability.

Dalit belonging to the Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist religions have been granted reservations in educational and political fields to enable them to overcome their backwardness and to compensate for the grave injustice meted out to them for several centuries.

For some inexplicable reasons, Dalit Christians have been denied their just right to reservations and thus blocked their progress. This book outlines the struggle of the Dalit Christians in Maharashtra to fight for their natural right to reservations.




Dalit status did not end with conversion

Untouchability, casteism among Christians
In South India

Untouchability, casteism among Christians
In Maharashtra

The Church’s Stance on untochability,

Reservations to Dalit Christians during
British Regime

Reservation to Hindu SCs, STs and
Dalit Sikhs

Reservation denied to neo Buddhists

Dalits’ right to reservations continues after
Conversion - Dr. Ambedkar

Initial mover to organize Dalit Christians

Dalit Christians’ Manifesto on right to
Reservations (1970)

Justification for Dalit Christians’ right to

Stir by the Bishops’ council and graduates

Dalit Christians in Maharashtra included

Reservations extended to neo Buddhists

The RSS opposes reservations to Dalit

Reservations to Dalit Christians in
South India

Attitude of Urban Christians towards
Dalitatva and Reservations

Solidarity of Jai Bhim and Jai Khrist