Ideal Women Before Marriage & After Marriage

Ideal Women Before Marriage & After Marriage

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Author: Asghar Ali Chawdhry
Translator(s)/ Edito: Shahnaz Begum
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174353062


This book written originally in Urdu by Ali Asghar Chowdhary is in itself an adequate guide book for young girls of marriageable age and those who have been newly married. The Muslim society can become balance and peaceful only when the young boys and girls know and act according to the rules of Allah and the command of the prophet.

It is a translation of Urdu book by A. Choudhary. What are man and women? There is a community because this pair is a base for a family and a family is a tribe that develops into a community that can not be explained. Islam has seized this opportunity and gave several instructions to this growing generation. The Author has left some necessary things about the marriageable and nearly married pair.


Translator’s Note
Author’s Preface

Points to consider
The need of companion and friends
Internal strife
The bell of alarm
The lurking danger
Protect your gaze
Desires and their remedy
Psychological disease
The value of time
Parents and the road to heaven
Value yourself
Return to your lord
The last word
Woman as wife
The reason of domestic strife,
And its remedy
Marriage and accident some
Propositions of Islamic Jurisprudence
Rights of Wife
Rights of a Husband
Mental peace
Mother and child
Health and well-being
Habits and health
Protect your stomach
Food and vitamins
Eyes - god’s divine blessing
The rules of eating and drinking
The manner of dressing
The decorum of cleanliness
The decorum of waking and sleeping
The decorum of joy and sorrow
The beginning of new life
Decorum of social life
The secret of success in this world
And the Hereafter
Miscellaneous advice
Rest and sleep
The rules of studying
Life is action
Permissible (Halal) subsistence
Bright and shining faces
Common ailment and
Their remedy
Common aliments
Children’s diseases

Last word