The Prophet’s Establishing A State And His Succession

The Prophet’s Establishing A State And His Succession

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Author: Muhammad Hamidullah
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 172
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174354786


The esteemed author of this work Muhammad Hamidullah needs no introduction. He is an internationally known scholar whose contributions to the study and interpretation of Islam and its laws and value system, based on original sources, are too well known and numerous to be recounted. One of main areas of his specialization is constitutional law and international law in Islam and concept and conduct of Islamic/Muslim State. This work is a continuation of his studies in this field.

In June 1987, Muhammad Hamidullah visited Islamabad at the invitation of the Pakistan Hijra Council to give benefit of his advice on the Council’s GREAT BOOKS PROJECT aimed at selecting and publishing, in English translation, one hundred important books of Islamic thought, culture and civilization. On that occasion, he kindly presented copies of one of his latest publications The Prophet’s Establishing A State And His Succession (‘Centre Cultural Islamique Series, Paris, No. 6, the Hyderabad Deccan print, 1406 H./1986), to the Chairman of the Hijra Council, the late Mr. A.K. Brohi, and to me.




The Quranic Conception of the State

Conception of State in Islam

The first Written Constitution in the World

Translation of the Text of the Constitution

The Prophet as a Statesman and His Treatment
Of Non-Muslim Subjects, and Its Fruits

Budgeting and Taxation in the Time of the

Financial Administration in the Muslim State

Constitutional Problems in Early Islam

1400th Anniversary of the War of Banu
An Nadir

The Teleguided Battles of Jamal and Siffin

The Episode of the Project of a Written
Testament by the Prophet on His Death-Bed