The Bustan Of Sa’di

The Bustan Of Sa’di

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Author: Sa’di Shirazi
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 112
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174354859


In the words of Shirazi:

“I traveled in many regions of the globe and passed the days in the company of many men. I reaped advantages in every corner, and gleaned an ear of corn from every harvest. But I saw none like the pious and devout men of Shirazi - upon which land be the grace of God - my attachment with whom drew away my heart from Syria and Turkey.

I regretted that I should go from the garden of the world empty-handed to my friends, and reflected: "Travelers bring sugar-candy from Egypt as a present to their friends. Although I have no candy, yet have I words that are sweeter. The sugar that I bring is not that which is eaten, but what knowers of truth take away with respect."

When I built this Palace of Wealth, I furnished it with ten doors of instruction...Sa'di brings roses to the garden with mirth. His verses are like dates encrusted with sugar - when opened, a stone, is revealed inside..."



Concerning Justice

Concerning Benevolence

Concerning Love

Concerning Humility

Concerning Resignation

Concerning Contentment

Concerning Education

Concerning Gratitude

Concerning Repentance

Concerning Prayer