English - Japanese - Tibetan Conversation Handbook

English - Japanese - Tibetan Conversation Handbook

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Author: Tsewang Gyalpo Arya
Publisher: Paljor Publications
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: 171
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186230262


This is the third updated edition of the book. A very precise and easy to use conversational handbook for those interested in learning Tibetan and Japanese.

Based on his experiences, the author has concentrated on those phrases and words which are frequently used in daily conversation and those which forms necessary part of speech.

The book is perhaps first of its kind wherein a Japanese could learn Tibetan with the help of English. A Tibertan culd lern Japenese and English through Tibetan. And English speaking person can learn both Tibetan and Japanese with this book.


Is and Is not Sentence
There is / there is not
Interrogative sentence
Who is it? Which is it?

Past & Present Tense
Sentence formation
Some useful verb
Possessive sentence

Why & How etc.
May be / perhaps
If / possible etc.
But / However etc.

Introducing people
Countries & Languages
Do you understand?

Expressing desire
Making request
I think.....
At that time

When was it?
About months & days
Numbers & counting
Size, length, height etc.
Distance, weight, quantity
Where is ..? Direction

At Shopping Centre
At Travel Desk
At Hotel & Restaurant
At telephone booth
At Hospital
At post office
At Skiing Slope

About Seasons
About Colors
Parts of Body
About Relatives

School & Universities
Reading & writing

About Office
Government matter

Households, Clothing etc.
Fruits, vegetables & flowers
Animals, birds & insects.