Moral Stories    (English+Hindi Animated CD)

Moral Stories (English+Hindi Animated CD)

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Author: Sri Ramakrishna
Publisher: Vision Interactive
Year: 2007
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): B 062 0107 99


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was a Bengali saint. A teacher of Advaita Vedannta Hinduism, he preached that “All religions lead to the same goal.” Sri Ramakrishna began to attract real seekers of God. He attained Mahasamadhi leaving being a devoted band of 16 young disciples headed by the well-known saint-philosopher and orator, Swami Vivekanada. Ramakrishna has given a lot of for the kids and here we have taken some of the few to share his teachings.

This CD carries 9 Animated Stories:

1. God resides in everyone
2. True devotion
3. God is everywhere
4. Seek wisely
5. How god was fed?
6. Stop not till the in reach
7. Knowledge that saves
8. The false turns true
9. The blind children and the elephant